Prospective Students

In order to qualify for a scholarship, students must be enrolled in a degree-seeking program for the upcoming fall semester. Most of the scholarships listed require a standard application packet, including a general application, two recommendation letters, a typed essay, and transcripts. However, application requirements for some of the scholarships ask for a replacement essay or some other change. Those changes and/or additions are listed in the table. Standard Application Packet:

  • One Original and Five Copies of all documents:
  • Application for SOE S/FA
  • 2 Recommendation Letters
  • Typed Essay (see application)
  • Transcripts

To download the application, CLICK HERE.

Application submission due date is March 2, 2015. To download the April Marie “Sweet” Hart Scholarship, CLICK HERE.

Applications are due on Friday February 13, 2015. Completed applications and required attachments should be submitted to the School of Education Scholarship Committee, School of Education Dean’s Office, Oliver Hall, Room 2090. Exception: Applications for the SCHEV Tuition Scholarships, Graduate Assistantships, and Graduate Fellowships should be sent or taken to the Office of Doctoral Studies, Oliver Hall Room 2087. Deadlines for other aid listed under “Other Scholarships” and “Other Sources of Support” in this brochure may vary. All known deadlines are posted on various bulletin boards in Oliver Hall and the Franklin Street Gym as well as on the School of Education home page.

Other Sources of Support

Teaching Assistantships

Students interested in a traditional teaching assistantship offered by the College of Humanities and Sciences (i.e. teaching ENGL 101, teaching in a science lab, teaching MATH 101, etc.) should apply directly to the school or department offering such assistantships.

Graduate Studies Fellowships

The Office of Doctoral Studies in Education administers funds made available through the School of Graduate Studies Fellowship Program. A graduate fellow receives full tuition and fees and a stipend. The fellowship awards in the School of Education are only available to full-time doctoral students. Interested applicants should contact the Office of Doctoral Studies in Education in room 4064B on the 4th floor of Oliver Hall.

Student Employment

The School of Education provides hourly wage employment for undergraduate and graduate students. Pay is based on the federal minimum wage standards, but can vary depending on job requirements, and/or the skill and experience levels of the student applicant. Positions available range from office receptionist to research assistant. In most cases, the supervisor will work with the student employee to arrange a schedule that will allow for a reasonable course load during the day. See the department head for current openings.

Grant Funded Graduate Assistantships

At times, the School of Education has graduate assistantships available through grant funding. A graduate assistant usually receives money toward tuition and fees, and a stipend in exchange for work. To apply for these positions, students should contact the division head in which the grant is housed or the grant principal investigator.

Funding & Innovative Program Opportunities for Graduate Students

Additionally, The School of Education also offers funding and innovative program opportunities for graduate students LEARN MORE